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The Inside Social Work Podcast

Apr 28, 2019

In this interview with CEO Grant Holland, we discuss his journey from working with cars to becoming a Social Worker and Family Therapist. We take a look at some of the various roles he’s had and how his career lead him to establishing the creative and innovative employment training program at the Holland Foundation,

Apr 7, 2019

Hear about how Slater and Gordon’s free Social Work service exists to support their clients Australia-wide who are facing a wide range of emotional and practical concerns as they move through the process of claiming compensation. We discuss a range of issues relating to social workers and their understanding of the...

Apr 4, 2019

This podcast episode will look a little different to future episodes. Its a chance for you to get to know the host Marie Vakakis  and hear about her motivations for the podcast.

The Inside Social Work podcast is a podcast interview series that aims to entertain and inspire Social workers  illustrating the diverse...